PSSR Inspection


We offer inspection services that help you to fulfil your statutory obligations under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) to regularly inspect your pressure vessels to confirm they are safe.

As part of a gas networks written scheme of examination (WSOE), gas filters and pig traps should usually be revalidated every 12 years.

Our PSSR Inspection Service

For over a decade, we have offered a full revalidation service for both gas filters and pig traps, carrying out around 100 inspections per year for clients across the UK; ranging from 3-inch filters up to 48-inch pig traps.

To provide best value without a reduction in quality, our site teams are multi-skilled to complete all preparatory works, inspection, and repainting in a single site visit, reducing both direct and indirect costs for you.

Our full revalidation service typically includes:

  • Multi-skilled site team
  • Inspection of the door/lid closure and mechanism
  • Grit blasting of weld areas and changes in section
  • Magnetic particle inspection of welds and changes in section to identify any surface breaking flaws
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement of filter/pig trap
  • Repainting of filter/pig trap


Our site and inspection technicians have a wide range of experience and have undertaken the required training courses to safely carry out these works including SHEA Gas passports, SCO Core (CP) and non-destructive training courses including MPI, DPI and UT certified by BiNDT.

For each inspection we carry out, we will provide a comprehensive report detailing the inspection findings within the statutory 28 days of completion.

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