Water Bath Heaters


Water bath heaters (WBHs) are a well-established method of heating gas. The gas is heated prior to pressure reduction to ensure its temperature stays above a pre-set value. WBHs are an aging but robust, reliable, and easy to maintain technology.

We can help you both revalidate and extend the life of your water bath heaters.

Our WBH maintenance service

We’ve been undertaking revalidation of water bath heaters for over 15 years and have a wealth of experience in carrying out this type of work. We provide a full-service solution that includes:

  • Removal of the water bath heater from site
  • Transportation to the AES yard (dependant on size)
  • Strip down – removal of gas coil and fire tubes
  • Full non-destructive testing of gas coil, fire tubes and WBH shell including VS02 visual inspection, ultrasonic thickness checks, magnetic particle inspection of welds and pressure testing as required
  • Cleaning of burner and pilot burner assemblies
  • Rebuild of water bath heater
  • Transportation back to site
  • Reinstalling the WBH

If any integrity issues are identified during the inspection, we can undertake repairs including procuring of materials and the fabrication of parts.

Repairs we undertake vary from minor corrosion repairs on the WBH shell up to full replacement gas coils and fire tubes. We provide all the required paperwork to satisfy control of change procedures such as gas networks ‘G17’ procedure and similar.

Extending the life of your water bath heater

Alongside our maintenance inspection and revalidation services, we also provide services to extend the life of your water bath heaters. This includes:

  • Removing all insulating lagging for a detailed inspection of the WBH shell.
  • Applying corrosion protection and installing new insulation on the WBH shell
  • Inspecting burners, burner boxes and fuel gas delivery system, including repairs or upgrades as needed.
  • Option to replace the main burner with a modern low NOx burner
  • Inspection and repair / modification of other electronic or hydraulic ancillary controls including low water level alarms and high temperature gas cut off
  • Glycol sampling and top-up as needed to ensure anti-corrosive and anti-bacterial properties

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