Distribution Systems


Underground water distribution systems have been aging and deteriorating since their original installation leading to increased interruption to supply, impact on customers and a reactive maintenance schedule.

The costs of pipe bursts within the water distribution network are very significant and, as the condition of the network continues to age, issues such as leakage and poor water quality will arise along with the associated economic, environmental and social impacts.

The Solution

Recognising the risk of these aged assets, we have developed an external inspection system enabling rapid non-intrusive assessment of the condition of metallic pipes to assess the short and long term performance capability of these distribution mains.  Through this, we help you shift from a reactive to a more proactive approach which means you can identify pipeline sections with a high likelihood of failure. This in turn enables selective remediation or replacement programmes, the anticipation and mitigation of failure prior to the event and, potentially, extension of the life of your network.

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