AES part of Yorkshire Water’s new Innovation Marketplace

Yorkshire Water recently invited 32 partners to join its ‘innovation marketplace’; an opportunity for companies to showcase and supply new approaches for water supply interruptions, leakage and avoiding the need to break ground.

The water company’s objective is to provide innovative solutions to improve regulatory performance, cost efficiency, and deliver a safer and less intrusive experience for customers.

Hydrosave and its “sister company” Advanced Engineering Solutions, (AES), successfully demonstrated several innovations to secure a place on the framework. Amongst the innovations recognised by Yorkshire Water were its HydroV valve release and SmartCat pipeline analysis solutions.

The companies’ internationally patented HydroV valve release technology, which has never failed in releasing a valve, utilises vibration to carefully release stuck valves, removing the need for the usual high torque and high force that often lead to damaged valves. In addition, its SmartCat pipeline analysis tool, provides a rapid non-intrusive assessment of the condition of metallic pipes. The innovative use of magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology along with proximity, distance and azimuth sensors, allows internal and external defects to be identified and their position located. All while scanning the entire circumference of the pipe.

“We’re proud to be recognised by Yorkshire Water as a partner to potentially provide innovative solutions for the future. Innovation is at the heart of our business as we continue to work closely with the UK water sector on their current challenges and ODI commitments.

We’re really looking forward to taking part in the company’s procurement competitions and showcasing our water sector technologies and services.”

Simon Dray, Managing Director at Hydrosave & AES

“The Innovation Marketplace will help us to adopt solutions that are new to market or have been developed through our innovation programme.

“We hope the solutions will improve the quality of service on our network, reduce customer supply interruptions and carbon emissions.”

Neil Dewis from Yorkshire Water