AES gas division wins new 5-year framework with Northern Gas Networks

Advanced Engineering Services (AES), South Staffordshire Plc’s leading gas and water network engineering business, is pleased to announce that it has won a new five-year framework contract with Northern Gas Networks (NGN) to deliver all of the company’s inspection and refurbishment work for gas pre-heating assets and ancillary equipment that are subject to the Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR).

AES has been a longstanding supply partner to NGN – which provides new gas connections services to much of Yorkshire, the North East and northern Cumbria – and several other gas network operators for these inspection and refurbishment services, and is looking forward to continuing to support the NGN team and others in the sector in their role to deliver energy safely and efficiently to the UK’s industrial and residential customers.

The AES team’s unique understanding of gas network pre-heating assets and their sites ensures that the gas distribution and transmission networks benefit from value-added services and that industry knowledge is retained and passed on to the workforces of the future.

Simon Holden, general manager at AES said:

“We are really pleased to have secured this significant contract.  Timely, cost-effective, and dependable delivery of inspection and refurbishment services for pre-heating equipment ensures compliant, safe and reliable delivery of gas which is of critical importance to NGN, its customers and the economy in the north of England. We are looking forward to continuing to develop our partnership with NGN using our team’s detailed site knowledge that has been accumulated over the last decade.”